Kiosk Features

Voice Recognition

Our talking kiosk sells service contracts in your service department.

No Cost

Quality dealers receive our kiosk free of charge.


Dealers receive a $250 profit on each transaction the following month after the sale.

Patent Pending

Our kiosk technology is proprietary and patent pending.

Coverage Questions

Our kiosk knows what is covered by component. Questions, answers and suggestions occur through normal conversation. Consumers will know exactly what they are receiving.

Customer Payment Options

Our kiosk discusses payment options. Current payment plan offerings include 6, 12, 18 and 24 month options, along with full pay.

Completed Sale

Our kiosk prints and e-mails the customer contract at the end of the transaction and immediately transmits contract information to our administrator and payment acceptance company.

DMS Integration

Our kiosk integrates into most major DMS systems currently in use.

Vehicle Information

Speak or enter your Year / Make / Model or Vin.

Secure Card Reader

We charge the credit card, so that you only handle the receipt of your profits.

Dealer Service Profit

Consumers with contracts come back to your service department for their repairs.

Dealer Personnel

Sales people and service writers have individual codes that are entered when they bring a customer to our kiosk. An incentive is paid the following month after the sale.


Our kiosk is designed to be placed in your service department with future dealership and non- dealership locations based on need. It knows when it is interacting with potential customers and the results. We know if the location in your dealership works.


Our kiosk sells vehicle service contracts with four levels of coverage with future coverage expansion based on need.


Conversion to Spanish as well as numerous additional languages is available.


Our kiosk continues to improve through customer usage as additional information is programmed to fulfill consumer inquires.

Increased CSI

Happy people that have protection from unforeseen events that could have changed their lives become your customers forever and tell their friends about your dealership.

F&I Products

Our Agency has every F&I product and service for all of your dealer needs.

Local Service

Our national sales force of experienced local representatives currently in 80% of the country support our kiosks with the same outstanding service we are known for.